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Awards / Definition
Good quality, Good value cooking
High quality cooking, worth a stop!
Excellent cooking, worth a detour!
Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!
Classification according to comfort / Definition
Simple shop
Quite comfortable
Very comfortable
Top class comfort
Our most delightful places if in red.
Facilities & Services / Definition
Lunch and/ or dinner for 1,500 yen or less
Cash only
Cash only for lunch
Wheelchair access
Shoes must be removed
No smoking area
Interesting view
Private dining room
Counter dining
Reservations required
Reservations not accepted
Open Sunday
Late dining
Interesting wine
Interesting sake
Restaurant offering vegetarian menus
New entry

Look out for the green boxes in our restaurant listings, which identify establishments that are actively following a sustainable ethos. For industry role models who are at the forefront with their practices, we have outlined their vision via a quote from the chef. The Green Star to highlight the establishments engaged in a sustainable initiative.

The Chef’s commitments
❝We strive to promote Dine Good, Do Good philosophy by minimizing carbon footprint, chemical products, and food waste. We use seasonal ingredients from Korea only, including line caught seafood and free-range animals. Our research team even created a seedbank to reserve local agricultural biodiversity. team even created a seedbank to reserve local agricultural biodiversity.❞
We use rain water for the watering system in our garden.
For those taking steps to work in a greener way, we have given details of their initiatives.

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