Amuni da Maekawaアムニー ダ マエカワ

  • Bib Gourmand
  • Cash only at lunch
  • Private dining room
  • Counter dining
  • Reservation required
Amuni da Maekawa

Sicily is a place where the food cultures of the Mediterranean intersect. The owner-chef felt an affinity for the creativity shown by once-poor locals who had ideas like replacing cheese with breadcrumbs. One thing that Sicily and Wakayama have in common is that they are bordered by the ocean, so he specialises in seafood cuisine. Based on the concept of an osteria, he serves several small dishes. His genius shows in how he gives the authentic recipes his own special touch.

Annual and weekly closing
Lunch = ¥3,500-4,500
Dinner = ¥5,000-7,000
17 Nishinotana, Wakayama

* This content is based on the information when “MICHELIN GUIDE WAKAYAMA 2022” was published.

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